Free ebooks from the network, related to the classical world

This is a collaborative wiki that aims at sharing free ebook from the network, related to the classical world, specially Literature. This means you can freely include your links of ebooks into Latin, Greek or your own Language, You mus't upload any kind of ebook here, only links.
Please, verify that your links always lead to free ebook.We will proceed to delete all links that lead to the copyrighted ebook. On the other hand, if you include your own translation of any Classical author, remember to put it under Creative Commons 2.5 License for sharing.

This space is public and under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 3.0 License. . This type of license to copy and distribute these resources, and even make derivative works but recognizing the source, not using them in any way for commercial purposes. If you generate a document derived, has to carry the same license.

This wiki is educational and nonprofit.

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